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Dovetail Coffee is a fast-growing company serving cafes, grocery stores and businesses throughout the Portland Metro and surrounding Region. Through our unique Social Partner Program, carrying Dovetail Coffee ties your business to important causes that make significant impacts to those in need. As a retail partner, you get to choose where the benefit portion of your gross purchasing gets allocated.


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Café Program

Carrying Dovetail Coffee at your cafe means you have a partner vested in your success. Your support team at Dovetail is made up of experienced and successful cafe operators. This means that you'll gain access to proven methods of cafe marketing, operations and financial management techniques and tools that can grow your business. After all, when your business grows, so does ours. 
Dovetail provides its cafe partners with consistant marketing support to grow your customer base including campaign ideation, social media support, point of sale material, merchandising and brand signage. Our objective is to increase your head count and maximize sales. 
We want our cafe partners to provide the highest quality coffee expience possible. This improves customer frequency and builds consumer brand loyalty. Our award winning baristas will come to your location to provide beginer, intermediate and advanced barista training anytime. 
Understanding your costs and margins is critical to operating a successful cafe. With Dovetail you get access to proven financial analysis and management tools that can improve profitability, reduce costs and increase revenue. 


Retail Program

We provide our retail customers with packaged and labeled 12oz whole bean coffees with UPC technology, by the case. Our sell-through support is unmatched with digital location marketing, events, training and demand building. Manage your standing or one-off orders, using our account management software, from any desktop or mobile device. MAP enforced.


Office Program

We offer specialty coffees to offices especially interested in socially responsible vendor relationships and providing their employees and customers with the highest quality coffee products. Our office program offers special business pricing with minimal MOQ’s. We provide cafe quality equipment and maintenance at no cost to you.