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India Kerkeicoondah


About India Kerkeicoondah

Type: Single Origin
Class: Classic
Process: Washed
Region: South India
District: Chikmagalur
Altitude: 1,200 - 1,500 MASL
Taste Notes: Roasted Hazelnut, Black Tea, Chocolate 

Located in Southen India's Ghat Mountains, a lush tropical highland where two-thirds of India's coffee is grown, lies Kerkeicoondah Estate. There - coffee is interplanted with pepper vines which grow on Silver Oaks providing a high-density, high-diversity shade. The shade gives environmental benefits, including a bird friendly habitat, top-soil erosion prevention, and soil enrichment. We roast the Kerkeicoondah Estate to perfection - leaving you with taste notes of Roasted Hazelnut, Black Tea & Chocolate. 
Social Benefit
When you purchase the Kerkeicoondah Estate coffee – one dollar of every pound will go to Apple of His Eye Charity, one of our favorite non-profit organizations, which helps the poor and forgotten in India. We aim to raise over $5,000 for TJ Caldwell who founded the charity in 2012. Learn more about the relationship between Apple of His Eye and Dovetail here – and learn more at their website  


About The Region

India is home to some of the world's best shade grown coffees. Usually full-bodied and low on acidity, Indian coffees are often mild and produce a fine aroma. India is the only country that grows 100% of their coffee in the shade. Trees prevent soil erosion, enrich the soil and protect the coffee plant. India has successfully produced coffee for over 150 years. Enjoy a deliciously different cup of shade grown coffee today - and learn about our social partner program, where we work with Apple of His Eye Charity, who specifically work in India to help the vulnerable.