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Ethiopia Gelana Abaya


About Ethiopia Gelana Abaya

Region: Borena Zone
Municipality: Doko Chere, Yirgacheffe Town
District: Gelana, Abaya
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,200 MASL
Taste Notes: Watermelon, Vanilla, Strawberry
Our Favorite Brewing Methods: Cold Brew, Iced Pour Over, Iced, Drip, Espresso

The Ethiopian Gelana Abaya, a Yirgacheffe, is full of delicious fruity goodness. Big notes of strawberry, watermelon with a smooth vanilla finish. A Grade 3, very complex and one of the best natty's we've ever found. 

About The Region

The birthplace of coffee Ethiopia is home to a large spectrum of different flavors that have one thing in common: quality. We source a ton of coffee from there, which means we have a wide variety of coffee for you to choose from the birthplace. Sixty percent of Ethiopia's foreign income comes from the coffee business.