Dovetail FAQ


Coffee Returns
At Dovetail we want you to be more than satisfied with our products: we want you to have a deliciously different experience. We don’t accept returns on coffee products due to its perishable nature. But, if you’re not intrigued or something just isn’t right, we will help you find a replacement that better suits your palette – at no additional cost to you.
If you have any issues with your order contact us at (971) 245-5605 within 7 days of receiving and we’ll help you find something deliciously different.
Equipment & Swag Returns
Dovetail warrants its equipment and accessories to be free from defects. If the gear you purchased from us is faulty, we accept returns / exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Items purchased online can be returned through the mail or to our Beaverton Headquarters. Refunds are given, less the shipping cost to return.
If you have a return, send an email to orders@dovetailcoffee.com that includes:
  • Order number
  • Name
  • Item(s) to be returned
  • Reason for return
We will then contact you with information on how your return will be processed.
At Dovetail we roast all our coffee to order. That’s why it can take up to 48 hours before we ship it out. But usually orders are fulfilled within 24 hours. We ship UPS and USPS Monday through Friday excepting national holidays our curriers observe.
Our Approach to Coffee
We don’t add anything to our whole bean coffee. Each coffee product we roast comes with taste notes developed by our in-house Q-Graders. Their pallets are especially trained, so don’t feel bad if you can’t taste everything they do. We work hard to provide a diverse line of flavor profiles that range from the traditional to the adventurous so that you can have a deliciously different experience.
We do not pre-grind coffee. After just 15 minutes of grinding coffee beans, nearly half of the flavor experience is diminished. We recommend grinding your coffee beans at the time you brew it, for maximum results. And, believe it or not, the grind plays a significant role in quality of your coffee. The best grinders use conical burrs and we sell the most popular and effective grinder for home brewing here.
Store your coffee in a cool dark place. Our whole bean zip sealed coffee bags are the best way to store your whole bean coffee. The valve allows for trapped carbon dioxide to escape, while not letting outside air in. That’s important, because coffee beans absorb the flavor of things around it. So don’t store your coffee next to your backup gas can or in the spice rack.
All of our coffee labels state the roast date of the coffee. Coffee is fresh up to two weeks from the roast date. After 2 weeks the flavor will become less intense, though still very good. So keep it fresh, but don’t store it in the freezer. Freezers can introduce moisture and cause mold.
Coffee is a seasonal produce. Our line of single origin coffee reflects the seasonality of the trade. For example, our Ethiopians come in the spring while our South Americans come in the summer. We recommend you fully enjoy your favorite single-origins while they last. But we do have excellent blends that we carry year round.
Our sourcing practices are just as important to us as our end product. Many of our coffees are Direct Trade, which means that we work directly with our farming partners to pay respectable prices for their respectable work. We use better than “Fair Trade” pricing to invest in the farms we work with and not only invest in the infrastructure to render improved product, but also into the communities that support our farming partners.
We believe it’s important to do the same at home. That’s why purchasing many of our whole bean coffees enable you to support special causes in our own communities. 
None of our coffees are genetically modified. They come from heirloom varietals that have been cultivated by farming communities for generations. We source Arabica coffees directly from farms and co-ops that practice traditional farming methods.
Wholesale Program
We offer a comprehensive wholesale program serving restaurants, cafés and retail partners. We offer easy and efficient ordering and fulfillment digitally through the Dovetail wholesale portal. You can learn more here.
Office Program
We offer a highly competitive purchasing program for offices and institutions. We also provide the highest quality equipment at no additional cost. You can learn more about our office program here.
We love hosting public tastings and other educational coffee events at our Cafes. To learn more about our upcoming events follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or contact our service team for specific days and times. 
Special Orders & Catering
We can handle special orders with custom coffee bags & labels and even cater coffee at your next event. Contact our service team for more information.
Please direct all your press inquiries to social@dovetailcoffee.com.
We constantly welcome feedback. Delivering on our promise of a “deliciously different” experience is our biggest priority. So we want your feedback. Send your comments to social@dovetailcoffee.com