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Opera 2.0 Oxid


About Opera 2.0 Oxid

Designed and manufactured in Italy. Assembled in the U.S.A.
San Remo designs the finest tools for creative potential in the art of brewing. The Opera, since its origins, has been conceived as a constantly evolving project towards excellence: because technology keeps renewing itself, innovations become reality and creativity always takes different shapes. The Opera 2.0 boasts new finishes, integrated scales, wifi interface and international certifications to set the world’s pace for espresso machine technology.
San Remo’s multi-boiler system features sophisticated electronic boards that continuously control temperature during all phases of extraction. Steam and coffee circuits work independently, maximizing performance in every working condition.
Technology Features:
  • AISI 316L Groups made with 22lbs of pure steel. Exclusive San Remo design creates exceptional thermal stability and maximum resistance to oxidation and lime scale
  • AISI 316L stainless steel portafilters with competition filters, patented design
  • AISI 316L stainless steel free motion steam taps for flexible control
  • AISI 315L stainless steel steam wands with anti-scalding feature and fitted high-performance “latte art” steam terminals
  • Controlled CDS (Coffee Delivery System) with three phase extraction parameters: pre-infusion, infusion and post-infusion
  • Independent adjustment of the PID infusion water temperature
  • Infusion Water Display indicates and controls tea water brewing temperature
  • Steam Boiler Display indicates steam boiler temperature and pressure at all times
  • Coffee Unit Single Display indicates and controls all coffee extraction parameters
  • Internal Technician Programming Interface streamlines service and repair procedures
  • Mixed Infusion Hot Water for tea instantly mixes fresh water with steam for a better chemical quality
  • Built in WiFi Connection for digitally setting parameters through the San Remo Cloud and Express Yourself app
  • Embedded ACAIA Dual Scales for each group improves quality and consistency of each cup
  • Smart Lever for manual dosing
  • Easy Touch Dosing allows up to six different extraction profiles for individual groups
  • CDS (Coffee Delivery System) System offers maximum precision and full control of the three phases of coffee extraction
  • High Performance Group Dedicated Gear Pumps provide consistently high pressure in all working conditions
  • Push Button Group Flushing automates group cleaning, as well as, professional cleaning cycle automation
  • Energy Saving System reduces energy use by 30%
Optional Equipment:
  • 2 Group
  • 3 Group
  • Naked portafilters
  • High-power steam spouts
  • Tall version
  • External volumetric pump
  • Customized back panel
  • Custom finish
  • Opera Black
  • Opera White
  • Opera Octane
  • Opera Oxid


About The Region

Italy is renown for its exotic cars, as well as, its exotic espresso machines.