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Cafe Racer Renegade


About Cafe Racer Renegade

Designed in Italy and assembled in the USA. Made to order. Bluetooth and Wifi enabled. 

Designed and manufactured in Italy. Assembled in the U.S.A.
The Café Racer is a masterpiece of creativity and technology crafted for free spirits. Designed by the founder of Moto di Ferro, Marco Lugato. The Café Racer captures the essence of custom Euro style motorbikes using real motorcycle components and state-of-the-art espresso tech. The Café Racer will take you to the top of the competition with ease.
Technology Features:
AISI 316L Steel Groups Constructed with 17.6 pounds of pure steel allows superior thermal stability and resistance to oxidation
AISI 316 Stainless Steel Portafilter with “Competition Filter” Unique San Remo design that captures the best coffee aromas and fragrances
AISI 316L Stainless steel Free motion Steam taps with anti-scalding feature and fitted high-performance “latte art” steam terminals
Programmable Electronic Pre-infusion precise control with 0.1 second tolerance of flow of water that wets the coffee bed. Programming offers up to 4 different profiles for each group.
Independent adjustment of the PID Infusion Water Temperature precision setting gradient of +- 0.5 degrees Celsius with measured constancy lower than 0.2 degrees Celsius
System Display easy visibility of all machine functions: temperatures, pressures and levels
Coffee Unit Single Display Control of all coffee extraction parameters
Mixed Infusion Hot Water for teas and herbal teas the instant mix of freshwater and steam allow for optimal chemical quality
High Performance Volumetric Pump (79.3 US gal) pressure stabilization for prolonged and contemporary use of more than one group
High Performance Flowmeter Volumetrics for accurate and precise dosing
Steam Control Adjustable Electronic Pressure Switch Precision sensor that allows the chosen pressure and steam in the boiler to be kept constant in all conditions of use
Programmable Cup Warmer Temperature Allows cup to be kept at optimal temperature in different climatic conditions
Electronic Auto-Level An electronic level probe allows the boiler to be automatically filled and maintained at the right filling level
LED Lighting of the Work Area enables efficient working conditions no matter the environmental lighting
Auto-Diagnosis, Statistical Data, Scheduled maintenance Maintenance can be scheduled according to the number of cups dispensed or by the amount of litres
Automatic Cleaning Cycle process for coffee groups
Boiler Water Regeneration Ensures resetting of optimum mineralization and chemical characteristics of the water
Group Flushing with a simple press of a button a small quantity of water is dispensed to allow the group to always be clean
Adjustable Height Work Surface Suspension system that allows cups of different shapes and heights
Energy Saving System save up to 30% of energy
Optional equipment:
2 Group
3 Group
Stainless steel naked portafilters
High Power Steamer Terminal (bigger hole diameter)
External Volumetric Pump
Custom back and side panels
Custom Finish

About The Region

Italy is renown for its exotic cars, as well as, its exotic espresso machines.