Our Story

Master woodworkers revere the dovetail joint for its craftsmanship, ingenuity and strength of connection.

Dovetail Coffee embodies these same traits.
We are a #coffeejoint and this is our story:

About Dovetail Coffee
We absolutely, unequivocally and undeniably love coffee. There’s no question about it.
We love finding it, we love roasting it, we love drinking it and we love sharing it with you.
A lot of folks take coffee for granted. Just something to get things started in the morning, another commodity driven by mass markets and equatorial weather. Who cares right? So long as there’s caffeine. We get that. After all, coffee is humanity’s OG energy drink. We’ve been downing the brown for hundreds of years now. So why give any more thought than that?
But there’s something about GREAT coffee that captivates: Its infinitely mysterious, intriguingly complex and just plain delicious. We DARE you to start your own coffee adventure. You’ll find a whole new world of infinite possibilities. That’s been our experience. In our own journey we’ve uncovered a simple truth about coffee: it inspires us.
Look at that, there’s a new connection here: “Start,” “Your adventure” and “Infinite possibilities.”
Coffee, we discovered, is more than meets the eye. In fact, it might very-well-be the cornerstone of all human creation! It fires the imagination, brings people together and inspires action. Think that’s too bold a statement? Well, have you ever had a meeting over coffee that changed your life?
At Dovetail, our sole purpose is to use our abilities (and our connections) to help you along your way. Give back more than we take. Share the knowledge we’ve been given. Improve the lives of everyone we touch. And strengthen communities for generations to come.
That’s how we create strength in connection.
Product Line

We believe that specialty coffee should be delicious, distinct and approachable. At Dovetail our philosophy is to meet the customer where they are. Rather than intimidate the market with “skills” and “know-how” we like to introduce amazing, flavorful coffees, warmly, to a wide range of palettes. Our whole bean products are categorized by Classic, Modern and Unique styles.
The Classic category promotes the rich, bold and roasty flavor experience most coffee drinkers are accustom to. The Modern category introduces the chocolatey, sweet and nutty flavor experience – the first step in one’s coffee journey. While the Unique category is the quintessential Third Wave flavor experience – fruity, floral with loads of caffeine.
Our product line and pricing changes quarterly, as coffee is a seasonal crop. Our product line consists of three modulated blends to demonstrate each flavor category: The Dark Roast No. 99 (Classic), The G.O.A.T. Blend (Modern) and The G.S.D. (Unique).
We generally carry 2-3 single origin coffees with at least one reserve, available exclusively to café partners.
To learn more about our current product line: click here.

Social Partner Program
We hate shipping and love the work we do in the community with our social partner program. Introducing the latest way to help the world through Dovetail, which gives you the ability to choose where your donation goes, while getting Dovetail Coffee delivered to your door – for free. 

All you have to do is get on DovetailCoffee.com, enter in the initials of one of the charities Dovetail is partnered with – and you’re done. Automatic free shipping will be applied, and a dollar will go to the charity you have chosen. 

HSFHope Squared Foundation
AHECApple of His Eye Charity
LLSLeukemia and Lymphoma Society

We’re a Coffee Joint, and through you we build strength in connection throughout our community. Our program goes farther than a dollar contribution, we work with these non-profits and build relationships with everyone who is involved. That includes the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), Apple of His Eye Charity (AHEC), and Hope Squared Foundation (HSF). All three of those codes will give Free Shipping and will donate to the charity whose promo code you pick.