Dovetail Coffee - There's more to a coffee joint than just great coffee


There’s more to a coffee joint than just great coffee.

More than just coffee, proudly carrying Dovetail unlocks a wealth of tools, experience and business innovations designed to empower you, strengthen your cafe business and the community it serves. We operate a one-of-a-kind business model that’s based on your success. Rather than compete with you on other fronts, we treat your café as if it were our own. You get free product when sales goals are reached. We share collective business management intelligence and help you run powerful and modern marketing systems to reach your goals.
Dovetail is constantly building on the concept that your wholesale coffee roaster should do more than just deliver specialty coffee. Below are the ingenious ways we’re making the management of your café easier, more rewarding and more effective than ever before.
Increase Earnings with Every Pound You Sell
Dovetail starts with highly competitive pricing, then rewards you with free coffee when volume benchmarks are reached. The free product lowers your overall coffee costs. Therefore, pricing is dynamic, increasing earnings with every pound you sell.
Get an Edge Over Your Competition with the Latest Marketing Tech
Dovetail offers a number of marketing services, free of charge, to café channel partners and 5% of monthly purchase is re-invested in digital advertising on your behalf.
  • Google Maps optimization
  • Location based search engine advertising
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Organic SEO optimization
Dovetail also helps you with media asset production and promotes your business to its social followers, email subscribers and website visitors.
Retain New Customers & Increase Headcount with Premium Training
Dovetail Coffee offers its customers secure online training, as well as, on-location training to help maximize your customer experience strategy, increase frequency and maximize word-of-mouth marketing.
Account Management Tech
Managing your weekly coffee order should be fast and easy. Through you can manage your standing wholesale order, place single wholesale orders and much more with ease:
  • View order and billing history
  • Order interior brand signage & sales material
  • Purchase commercial equipment
  • Download business management tools
Competitive Limitations
Innovations in policy can be just as effective as innovations in tech. One of the fundamental ways we support our channel partners is by limiting competitive actions taken by ourselves and other partner locations that carry dovetail.  
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