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The Top 5 Reasons to Carry Dovetail Coffee

Dovetail's most distinguished traits go beyond what we can do in the world of specialty coffee but, instead, how we see the world of specialty coffee. 

You may be paying for coffee, but what you’re buying is customers and revenue. Our philosophy goes beyond selling coffee to you, but instead, to sell coffee through you.  We do not compete against you with our own cafes. Instead, we treat the restaurants and cafes that carry Dovetail Coffee as if they were our own. This means we openly share our accumulative business experience, tools and know-how directly with you. In fact, every program and resource we offer is designed to improve the performance of your business. We do this because the more empowered you are to sell coffee, the better we do and the more impact we can make in our community. We know that success is more attainable when united in a common goal. That being in something together makes us stronger, more fearless and more confident in our endevor. When we each contribute our greatest capabilities to a cause, we can achieve the greatest possible outcome. 
Here’s the top five reasons you should switch to Dovetail:

#1 – Delicious Specialty Coffee 

While coffee ratings are known to be consistent among Q-Graders. The taste (being “good” or “bad”), however, is subjective. Dovetail’s flagship blends represent the three major flavor categories: Classic (Dark Roast No.99), Modern (GOAT Blend) and Unique (GSD Blend), so that we are sure to offer a great experience for every palette. Each blend is comprised of single origins with a cup score of 85 or higher. We also carry 2-3 single origin coffees that rotate quarterly, as well as, exclusive coffees available only to cafes. This keeps your customers coming back for more.

#2 – Excellent Pricing & Volume Incentives

We don’t negotiate our pricing. Instead we offer a volume incentive program that rewards you with free product when order volume benchmarks are reached. The free product incentive ultimately reduces the amount you pay per pound.  At the beginning of each month we provide you with a simple purchasing report that records what you ordered, what you received and calculates your bottom line cost per pound. Dovetail’s starting price per pound is more competitive than the larger specialty coffee roasters, even though our products are as good or better in quality.
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#3 – Local Brand Values

When you carry Dovetail Coffee, you’re carrying a brand that represents Portland, it’s people and its values. We do more than roast great coffee; we are a partner in your success and in your desire to give back to your community as a leader. We’ll support your effort to raise money and awareness for a good cause. Help you strengthen your customers’ experience through online and in-person training. Share financial management tools. Advise on general business problems and open our rolodex to contacts in order to maximize impact on your behalf. The health of your business has a significant influence in your community by offering jobs, providing a place where citizens can connect, spark new economic development and more. You see, we’re all links in a chain of connection. And that’s what we mean by “coffee joint.” 

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#4 – Equipment Program that Empowers You

If you don’t own your coffee brewing equipment, you don’t own your business. The big roasters want to lock your café to them by offering you “free” equipment so long as you exclusively carry their brand. Our philosophy is to earn your business every day, rather than control you by leveraging the expensive equipment you need to operate. Instead, our equipment solutions ensure that you maintain control of your own destiny while gaining access to the world’s most cutting-edge brewing equipment. On top of that, cafes that carry Dovetail get free service and maintenance regardless of who owns what or where the equipment originates.
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#5 – Expert Marketing Support

When you carry Dovetail Coffee your business grows. We guarantee it. Dovetail Management has decades of experience growing businesses in a variety of consumer segments, including cafes and restaurants. We understand the power of channel sales from both the point of retail and wholesale perspectives. Due to this, Dovetail acts more like a consumer products manufacturer heavily focused on sell-through and channel sales, than a coffee roaster. In nearly all other industries the manufacturer has a significant responsibility to generate retail sales. Our actions and underlying philosophies create profoundly positive implications for your business, as well as, ours. After all, we share the same goal: attract the right customers to your business and keep them coming back with increased frequency.
Carrying Dovetail Coffee inherently declares that we have a public relations partnership. We get that, but take it much further with the following marketing support features that we help implement and pay for:
Digital Advertising:
  • Search optimization and paid ads (Google & Google Maps)
  • Paid Search Advertising: Yelp, Google, etc.
  • Paid social boosts: Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Retargeting (this is that spooky thing when you search for something then see an ad for it on Facebook)
Organic Reach:
  • Dedicated page and articles at
  • Google map integration at
  • Dovetail callouts and hashtags on social platforms
  • Strategic social media collaboration
Public Relations:
  • Asset development (imagery and video production to promote your business)
  • PR Strategy consulting
  • PR collaboration
  • Event support & collaboration
  • Collaborative fundraising and awareness of good cause
Brand & Marketing Advisory:
  • Brand and customer experience consulting
  • Marketing automation consulting
  • Customer data management consulting
  • Customer service training & policy consulting
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