Portland Art Museum Makes the Change - Dovetail Coffee

Portland Art Museum Makes the Change

The Portland Art Museum makes the switch from Stumptown to Dovetail Coffee and, in the process, installs beautiful new Sanremo Cafe Racer espresso machine.

The Portland Art Museum offers full catering services in addition to its open-to-the-public cafe Museum Grounds. The Portland institution has served Stumptown Roasters exclusively for many, many years but made the switch to Dovetail Coffee over the summer. The coffee change came with a major upgrade to their equipment including the installation of a brand new Sanremo Cafe Racer, as well as, the latest brewing tech from Fetco. The Portland Art Museum is one of the first in Portland to adopt Sanremo, one of the world's fastest growing specialty coffee machine manufacturers. Sanremo is huge in the Austrailian coffee scene and Dovetail Coffee is the first and only distributor in the Portland Metro Area. The Cafe Racer at Museum Grounds certainly boosts the asthetic but, most importantly, has the Portland Art Museum serving the best espresso in the city. If you don't believe us, go taste it for yourself:

Museum Grounds