The Renaissance of Coffeehouse Northwest - Dovetail Coffee

The Renaissance of Coffeehouse Northwest

After nearly 30 months of losses this iconic Portland Cafe kicks off its renaissance with Dovetail Coffee.

With roots dating back to the late 90's, Coffeehouse Northwest is more than iconic to Portland coffee historians, it's legendary. In the early 2000's Coffeehouse carried Stumptown. The owners went on to found Sterling Coffee Roasters and it remained an exclusive Sterling shop through multiple transitions. But the business went flat and revenue began to dither. After nearly three years of decline, new ownership came in with the aim of restoring the legendary coffee shop to its original glory. And they started with Dovetail Coffee, leveraging our powerful marketing and training infrastructure to improve customer experience, product quality and get the word out that Coffeehouse Northwest is back in the business of setting trends in Portland's specialty coffee scene. Coffeehouse is destination sport for regulars and travelers alike. Go get in line, the espresso is worth the wait:

Coffeehouse Northwest