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Dovetail Heroes: Heidi Heitkemper & Brenna Messner

Calling themselves Blood Sisters & the Dynamic Duo, meet two inspiring teenagers who have battled off cancer, and found friendship through their belief in survival and hope. With LLS as a vessel, Dovetail is proud to honor these two heroes, as they continue to inspire.

“Now, we’re like blood sisters.”

Two 16 year old girls never who’s paths normally might not have crossed – found themselves going throne of the toughest battles a teenager can face.

Meet Heidi Heitkemper and Brenna Messner. Both softball players – both going into their junior year at Portland area high schools. Brenna at Lake Oswego, Heidi at Jesuit. Although their similarities are stunning, neither of them had met each other before they became blood sisters.

Heidi and Brenna met through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) – after both being diagnosed with cancer around the same time.
“It’s really hard,” Brenna said. “There’s a lot of scary times. There were a few times where I didn’t know if I would make it.”

 Soon after their cancer diagnosis, both girls began to do research on a number of different things – survival rates, effects of childhood cancer and what to expect from treatment. All of those google searches led to LLS, gave the girls something to work towards. Some hope.

“I think a lot of people, when they hear the word cancer – they immediately go to death,” Heidi said. Just having that hope and hearing other people’s stories and inspiring other people to donate, that means a lot.”

That was what LLS was able to give to both of these 16-year olds – who found that if they continued to fight, they could accomplish anything. Through that common interest, they remain friends to this day, and have found that their problems, dwarf the issues of their fellow classmates.

“It’s really hard to relate to your friends; having their problems be real problems,” Brenna said. “We have a lot of bigger problems, especially in high school. Everyone would complain, ‘oh my gosh I have so much homework I wanna die,’ think about what you just said. You have homework, I have chemo.”

To learn more about the inspiring stories of both Brenna Messner and Heidi Heitkemper, support them through their LLS page at Dynamic Duo, where their goal is to reach over $50,000.

(Honored Heroes Dynamic Duo Fundraiser Page)

Support Brenna & Heidi through Dovetail as every promo code for free shipping on our website (lls) will send a portin of the proceeds to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!
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