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Dovetail Hero: Lynn Le

Introducing Dovetail Hero Lynn Le. Founder of Society Nine, and a member of Forbes 30 under 30, Lynn's ability to change not only women's boxing, but the lives of women around the world made her the ideal Dovetail Hero.

PORTLAND -- After grabbing her morning coffee, Lynn Le, CEO & founder of Society Nine spends the earliest parts of her day answering emails. Other than contractors and one part-time worker, Le handles the issues of her business largely by herself. That means no customer service representatives. Leaving a lot of emails for the business owner to answer each morning.

It also means a lot of nice emails Le gets to read before the rest of the world wakes up to get ready for what's in store. 

“That’s what gives me fulfillment every day,” said Le. “It’s getting women who email me and say ‘I love your company so much, it’s the one hour in the day to wear your gloves and beat the shit out of a bag. It makes me feel like a gladiator.’”

For Le, it’s that feeling that makes the job worth getting up early every morning, answering all of those emails, and working late into the night on her company.

Society Nine is a modern women’s boxing brand providing quality, fitting gear. Their products fill a hole in the boxing market – one that used to be filled with gloves that didn’t fit properly or gave gender specific color schemes. Even with a successful product line in the market, Le sees the gloves as a vessel for a bigger message. 

“I don’t know her full story (of some of the women who email her), but she’s probably a working mom, also being a supportive partner, providing and all this stuff – and that time (boxing) is for her. It’s for her to remember that she’s enough, and she’s got her shit together. That’s a really important feeling to be promoting and to be galvanizing other women to celebrate in.

“That’s how I see Society Nine. As a brand – being a vehicle for all that. The gloves are the vessel, but Society Nine is a platform, a community, a vehicle to usher more of that energy to women everywhere.”

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