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Coffee: The World's Most Powerful Beverage

Coffee has influenced the world - but how will it's influence evolve?

Ideas Start at the Coffee House
It is no coincidence that coffee houses began to pop up around Europe as the age of enlightenment started. The beverage that pushed thinking, spurred conversation and led to action - made coffee houses the leading hub for creatives, innovators and revolutionaries. 

Composers like Beethoven and Bach are said to have composed in coffeehouses. Newspapers and literature made their starts as ideas over coffee. What do you think Americans drank after the Boston Tea Party?

While all these great results came of coffee – the negative is arguably more significant. People were being enslaved in order to grow coffee, and slash-and-burn agriculture left soil drained of nutrients. Rainforests in South America were destroyed. Lives were ruined as Europe colonized country after country, bringing coffee with them wherever they went.

As this happened hundreds of years ago, it is easy to follow the path of coffee’s influence on our culture. Famously or infamously, coffee represents the growth of our society. It fueled the process of change through individuals coming together around consumption. It also initiated memories of dark times in our history; mistakes that we are still trying to repair today.

Fast forward to today, the positive aspects of coffee culture have survived, while the negatives have dissipated. Dovetail is a leader in both of these worlds. Where we once saw horrible action to bring coffee to the world, we now pride ourselves on incredible relationships with our coffee farmers. Relationships where we help them in their growing practices, in order to give them larger opportunities to be creative within their process - resulting in delicious coffees which you can only find through us.

It’s obvious that Dovetail would have practices that are the complete opposite of those we have seen in the past, specifically on the negative side of how coffee has shaped our culture. But how is the positive side changing?

This gets tough. To beat out the era of enlightenment, the renaissance where our world saw so much growth in and out of coffee shops, sounds impossible. But ask yourself this – how has the experience changed – the same coffee shops that Bach, Beethoven and all the innovators where in all those years ago, still exist in the same capacity. Coffee is still how it is explained it above – a place for the thinker to go, to collaborate and be creative with coffee as the fuel.

What has changed – is the coffee house experience isn’t the only place you go to get your fuel. Coffee is a necessity in the workplace – where you either have coffee where you work, or you pick it up on your way in.

Negative effects have been diminished – how do we grow the positives? How do we continue to fuel not only the lives of those who wake up every morning trying to change the world – but a second age of enlightenment?

We’re doing so by building connections – Dovetail is called “A Coffee Joint” for a reason. We aim to connect our drinkers with our farmers with our business partners with us in an attempt to unite everyone who is involved in the coffee process together. The one thing we have in common – we all love delicious coffee. And we all use it to fuel ourselves throughout the day.

Coffee is a special drink. A drink that has brought so many people together in our world to do so many amazing things. Some aspects of that culture seem to be dying. The idea of the coffee house has stagnated. The process that brought up so many new innovations – hasn’t been innovated. Workplaces bring in low quality coffees to their employees – and cafes no matter how beautiful and new they are- still involve the same practices. Only today – we aren’t in an age of enlightenment, but rather an age of division. How is the coffee house that brought people together in the past supposed to accomplish that result?

At Dovetail – we want to build on the culture of coffee. We want to build on the success that coffee saw in the age of enlightenment. The experience of coffee at it’s best saw so much get accomplished – let’s get there again. Who knows what a second age of enlightenment could look like. All we know is how to fuel it. We are a coffee joint.


Help us evolve coffee's influence further with some delicious coffee here.