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Support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The mission of LLS is to find a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma, and also make the lives of patients and their families better. Support them through Dovetail by purchasing any of our Reko Koba (honey, natural or washed) coffees.

PORTLAND -- It's called Light The Night, an event held at OMSI hosted by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society where thousands of people carry lanterns across the Tilikum Bridge. Everyone is holding one of three lanterns: white for survivor, yellow for remembrance and red for supporter. All of them represent a community of people that has been brought together by LLS – to show strength in numbers against this disease – which culminates in the walk across the bridge. Everybody has their lantern on as the night concludes, lighting up the night.
All of the lanterns lit up as everyone prepared to walk across the bridge at this year's Light The Night.

At Dovetail, we are excited to announce a partnership with LLS. A dollar of every pound of our Reko Koba coffees will go directly towards the fight of finding a cure for these diseases. They come processed in three different ways, you get to pick between the honey, natural or washed – but either way – the money you spend will be going to fund cancer research. 

Light The Night was the first opportunity Dovetail has had to be directly involved with LLS, and it was eye opening for all of us. The power of the number of people there grew exponentially as each lantern turned on. So many different people had stories to tell, and the color lantern they were holding was just the start of it. Before the walk – only white lanterns were turned as a single white beam shoots into the sky – representing hope that we should all have towards finding a cure and making the lives of everyone who has suffered through the disease easier.

It was a chilly clear night in Portland for Light The Night, a great night for a cup of coffee. As you can imagine, the line for our mobile van was long all night – as we played our role of keeping everyone warm. On top of that – Dovetail donated fifty percent of every dollar we made at Light The Night to LLS.

The line was long all night for coffee, as half of all the money these people spent went back to LLS.

Continue to help LLS – by purchasing any of our Reko Koba coffees. Learn more about all of Dovetail’s social programs here – we have multiple coffees attached to a social benefit in the form of giving to a non-profit. To learn more about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, check out their website

Buy a bag of Reko Koba Honey, Natural or Washed to support LLS. 
Learn more about LLS at their website. 
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