Here's to a good story... - Dovetail Coffee

Here's to a good story...

Is it true coffee was discovered by a bunch of goats?

ETHIOPIA -- So, this dude named Kaldi was out and about, wondering the Ethiopian forests with his goats, when he noticed they were having some trouble sleeping at night. Later, he realized, his goats were going to town on these little red cherry-like berries from a particular tree. He found that peculiar, so took some of the berries back to the monastery where he lived. After telling his story to the monks, the Abbot concocted some tea with the fruit and sipped it down. He found it kept him alert during the long nights of prayer. He shared the energizing new discovery with the other monks and, well, the rest is history. In fact, after doing the research ourselves, it is our official position that the discovery of coffee is what inspired the Enlightenment Period of Europe. At Dovetail we like history, we like telling stories and we definitely like enlightenment.  

That’s because we are inventors, doers and entrepreneurs. We start by sourcing directly and participate in the risk our farming partners take to produce extraordinary crops. Then we meticulously roast in small, highly controlled, batches - not to show off what we can do with coffee - but to show off what coffee can be.  
We believe that people are stronger, together. So, we use coffee to bring people together, around a common interest, to do good for those we may never get the chance to meet.  We work with amazing non-profit organizations, some you know and some you’ll meet, to be a consistent and dependable funding source to help those in need. 

Our aspiration is to leave every connection we make better than we found it. That’s why we’re a coffee joint. 


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