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Support Birch Community Services

Offering a hand to those who are working or actively seeking employment. Support them with a purchase of our Revolution Roast.

At Birch Community Services, struggling families receive help in the form of food, clothes and goods. When families come in, they can grab whatever they want. Payment comes in a different approach. Instead of exchanging money for products, families pay through a monthly membership fee, volunteering, and by taking classes. All are part of an interactive community which helps people achieve their goals.

Accountability is key at BCS and it shows in their financial classes. Participants learn about budgeting and saving. On average, families who graduated from their program reduced their monthly debt by 28 percent. They also increased their emergency savings by 98%.

Last year, BCS gave away 9.7 million pounds of food and clothing to working, struggling families. Those families were also accountable to achieve self-slated goals, which they believe are critical to addressing the roots of property.

Check out their website at if you want to learn more about this non-profit. You can help them out by purchasing our Revolution Roast, where one dollar of every pound sold will go directly toward their organization.

Buy a bag of our Revolution Roast to support Birch Community Services. 
Learn more about BCS at their website. 
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