Brewing with Chemex - Dovetail Coffee

Brewing with Chemex

Use your Chemex to brew Dovetail coffee in the most delicious possible way with these simple instructions.


What You Need:
1) Chemex w/ Kone filter
2) Hot Water (190 to 200 degrees)
3) Coffee (32g for 12oz, drip grind)
4) Waste Water Container
5) Warm Drinking Cup
6) Timer
1) Using the Kone, pour hot water into Chemex
to warm. Dispose of water. 

2) Put coffee into Kone; shake coffee level.
Place Kone in the top portion of the Chemex.

3) Start timer and pour water over coffee to
wet all the grounds. Let the coffee bloom for 45

4) Pour water slowly over grounds; keep water
stream near center of coffee.

5) Keep level of water in Kone constant while
pouring. Adjust pouring speed appropriately to
accomplish this.

6) Stop adding water when coffee in the bottom
chamber is about a finger width below the nub. The
timer should read about 3:30. Allow the Kone to
drain for a few seconds; remove Kone, and enjoy a
deliciously different cup of coffee.