A Dovetail Joint - Dovetail Coffee

A Dovetail Joint

The Dovetail Joint is the oldest, strongest and purest connection of all construction. The Dovetail Joint requires no fasteners, no glue. Just master craftsmanship.


The Dovetail Joint requires no tools. It requires no glue.

The joint is truly pure, assembled with craftsmanship.  


It puts two pieces of wood together - surface to surface. Face to Face.


Known for it’s resistance to being pulled apart, The Dovetail Joint is strong.


At Dovetail Coffee Roasters our relationship with coffee is the same relationship we have with our customers and our farmers. Our coffee stands to be the Dovetail Joint of our community - pure, assembled with craftsmanship, and most importantly - we strive to have face to face relationships with everyone.


From someone who has a question about what farm their drinking their coffee from, or the farmer that is responsible for making that coffee, all are members of the Dovetail Joint of this community - the one that puts two together - surface to surface, face to face.


How does Dovetail accomplish all of this?


It starts at the farm. Coffee isn’t too well versed in unpredictable climates. Like our own here in Oregon. You know those days where you wake up and it’s sunny and you come home from work and it’s pouring? Yeah - coffee hates that. It needs consistency. Can you blame it? That’s why Coffee only grows between the tropics. That area near the equator that likes to stay around 80 degrees every day. Coffee is constantly on the best vacation.


Unfortunately that means coffee is far away, and it often means that communication between consumer and farmer is limited, to none. Not at Dovetail. In today’s world, there is no reason you shouldn’t know where your coffee comes from and who is partially responsible for bringing that jolt of energy to your day.


It doesn’t stop there. New coffee is constantly being brought into our roastery from countries all over the world. You can try coffee from Honduras, Cameroon, and even the birthplace of Coffee - Ethiopia. New coffee means all new different stories, relationships and tastes that you get to experience through our stores.


Like the Dovetail Joint, all of this is possible without any special tools, or shortcuts. Even more like the woodworking, everything accomplished through our roastery results in a strong, unbreakable bond. Coffee is a human experience - it always has been. It is no coincidence that the birth of enlightenment and the birth of coffee happened occurred simultaneously.


Now it’s your turn. To be a strong community, we need you to take part. Come into our store, talk to us and ask questions. Our community continues to build every day - through communication. Whether it’s getting in touch with our farmers, or being a part of people’s lives in our local communities, Dovetail thrives on communication.

It shows in our relationship with local companies and farmers markets. We use berries from our local relationships within both of these communities - milkshakes, lemonade, even our cold brew gets attached to local causes. We strive to make all of our drinks attached to local coffee.


Globally - our coffee is attached to a number of developing nations who are largely responsible for the coffee we drink today. The impact that coffee can have on these cultures is enormous.  For example, Ethiopia - the birthplace of coffee, one of the poorest places on earth - we outsource an immense amount of coffee from them. Ethiopia has some of the best coffee on Earth, and we work with the farmers on continuing to improve the quality of their coffee.


Coffee has been proven as a direction for cultures in developing countries to take in improving their quality of life. The relationship that is possible between global and local communities is where we have the most fun.


-Dovetail Coffee Roasters