French Press - Dovetail Coffee

French Press

Learn how to brew Dovetail coffee with the French Press.

What You Need:

1) French Press
2) Hot Water (190 to 200 degrees)
3) Coffee (24g for 12oz, coarse grind)
4) Stir Stick
5) Warm Drinking Cup
6) Waste Water Container
7) Timer


1) Pour some hot water into French Press to heat.
When warm, dispose of the water.

2) Set the timer for 3 minutes in advance. Add coffee
to the French Press and pour hot water.

3) Stir coffee with water and place top on French Press. Make sure plunger is not pressed down.

4) Start timer and allow coffee to steep. When timer is finished, press plunger down slowly and evenly.

5) Enjoy a cup of your freshly poured - deliciously different - coffee.